ZFIN ID: ZDB-LAB-010213-1
Laudet Lab
PI/Director: Laudet, Vincent
Contact Person: Laudet, Vincent
Email: Vincent.Laudet@ens-lyon.fr
Address: UMR 5665 du CNRS Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon 46 Allée d'Italie Cedex 07 Lyon, 69364 France
Country: France
Phone: 33-4-7272-8190
Fax: 33-4-7272-8080
Line Designation: None assigned


Our lab is studying the role of nuclear hormone receptors in developpement and evolution. We focuss on 4 main topics : (i) role of the estrogen receptors (ER) and the estrogen related receptors (ERR) which are orphan receptors in development ; (ii) the study of circadian rhythm using the zebrafish as a model system with a particular emphasis on the role of the orphan receptors Rev-erb and ROR ; (iii) the importance of gene duplications in vertebrate evolution, using the nuclear hormone receptors are markers and (iv) the evolution of thyroid hormone regulation of metamorphosis in vertebrates.

Escriva, Hector Post-Doc Horard, Béatrice Post-Doc Thénot, Sandrine Post-Doc
Bardet, Pierre-Luc Graduate Student Bertrand, Stéphanie Graduate Student Marchand, Oriane Graduate Student
Triqueneaux, Gérard Research Staff Canaple, Laurence Nassouri, Lamia
Schubert, Michael

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