Term: palatoquadrate cartilage joint
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Name: palatoquadrate cartilage
Synonyms: dorsal mandibular cartilage, pterygoquadrate, quadrate cartilage
Definition: Cartilage that is the dorsal component of the first pharyngeal arch. It is roughly triangular with slightly concave dorsal edges and convex ventral edges. The anteroventral corner gives rise the quadrate and articulates with the posterior end of Meckel's cartilage. The anterodorsal tip articulates with the lateral edge of the ethmoid plate and the posteroventral edge articulates with the anterodorsal edge of the hyosymplectic.
Ontology: Anatomy Ontology [ZFA:0001399]
Name: joint
Synonyms: joints
Definition: Anatomical cluster which consists of two or more adjacent bones or cartilages, which may be interconnected by various types of tissue.
Ontology: Anatomy Ontology [ZFA:0001596]