ZFIN ID: ZDB-GENE-980526-171
Nomenclature History
New Value Event Old Value Date Reason Comments
tbx16l renamed from tbx6l 2018-02-07 per personal communication with authors
tbx6l renamed from tbx6 2011-10-12 per personal communication with authors Researchers (Stephen Devoto, Simon Hughes, Nathan Bird and Stefanie Windner) informed ZFIN of their results suggesting the current tbx24 is the correct tbx6 gene and that the current tbx6 and tbx16 genes are not true orthologs of human TBX6. Publications are in review. I reviwed their data and concur. tbx24 will be changed to tbx6, tbx16 will be unchanged for now and tbx6 is best named tbx6-like at this point.
tbx6 merged with sb:cb123 2003-09-19 same marker none

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