Clone Name: DKEY-164P3

Note: The list of reference SNPs mapped on this genomic clone has been retrieved through data exchange between NCBI and ZFIN. These reference SNP identifiers are created by NCBI during periodic 'builds' of the dbSNP database. SNP details can be obtained by submitting a query to dbSNP. Click the Batch Query button at the bottom of the page and follow instructions at dbSNP to get details

rs40632037 rs40651419 rs40658779 rs40660547 rs40678604 rs40680714 rs40681584 rs40683615 rs40683694 rs40684072 rs40685084 rs40688517 rs40691298 rs40694913 rs40696323 rs40697784 rs40698936 rs40699514 rs40700573 rs40701472 rs40702506 rs40703019 rs40704168 rs40704285 rs40705368 rs40706277 rs40713841 rs40713844 rs40714638 rs40716207 rs40718200 rs40718820 rs40720080 rs40721542 rs40722002 rs40725345 rs40726579 rs40728164 rs40728250 rs40730066 rs40730811 rs40734941 rs40738062 rs40738072 rs40738480 rs40739236 rs40740062 rs40748312 rs40748481 rs40749243 rs40750235 rs40751060 rs40752182 rs40753886 rs40753989 rs40754204 rs40757872 rs40758877 rs40759469 rs40760852 rs40762681 rs40763257 rs40764941 rs40767657 rs40767753 rs40768492 rs40770307 rs40770922 rs40772090 rs40773123 rs40777972 rs40778134 rs40778746 rs40778812 rs40780868 rs40781745 rs40784592 rs40789380 rs40792326 rs40792754 rs40796762 rs40798385 rs40800407 rs40801756 rs40804102 rs40806616 rs40807076 rs40807086 rs40807102 rs40807482 rs40807782 rs40812923 rs40814464 rs40821717 rs40822066 rs40822178 rs40823130 rs40824988 rs40825129 rs40825699 rs40827699 rs40833815 rs40835198 rs40838380 rs40845279 rs40846408 rs40849041 rs40849366 rs40850409 rs40851986 rs40853686 rs40856961 rs40857830 rs40858780 rs40861055 rs40861058 rs40861421 rs40865409 rs40866171 rs40866580 rs40867187 rs40867582 rs40876045 rs40882813 rs40883212 rs40884880 rs40885388 rs40892659 rs40896279 rs40898768 rs40898939 rs40899249 rs40899448 rs40900326 rs40901944 rs40902934 rs40904175 rs40904475 rs40905005 rs40905305 rs40905574 rs40906022 rs40913100 rs40915721 rs40916577 rs40917652 rs40917970 rs40918486 rs40918501 rs40918764 rs40919197 rs40919687 rs40927270 rs40927718 rs40930087 rs40933337 rs40934982 rs40935687 rs40942217 rs40944221 rs40946952 rs40948276 rs40949450 rs40951479 rs40953993 rs40957597 rs40958170 rs40958492 rs40961500 rs40962049 rs40963892 rs40967644 rs40968332 rs40969648 rs40970051 rs40970538 rs40971231 rs40972841 rs40972862 rs40975074 rs40975186 rs40977264 rs40978408 rs40978771 rs40984709 rs40987255 rs40987869 rs40995036 rs40997032 rs40999749 rs41001885 rs41006349 rs41008242 rs41010469 rs41010864 rs41011253 rs41011426 rs41012475 rs41015514 rs41015813 rs41027034 rs41027580 rs41028238 rs41029085 rs41030861 rs41030965 rs41032550 rs41032810 rs41033110 rs41036997 rs41044028 rs41049740 rs41050168 rs41053521 rs41059000 rs41060495 rs41062727 rs41064235 rs41066043 rs41067351 rs41067433 rs41067528 rs41068023 rs41068256 rs41070970 rs41071174 rs41072033 rs41072345 rs41072524 rs41073369 rs41076177 rs41076605 rs41082367 rs41082596 rs41084114 rs41088195 rs41089952 rs41092003 rs41094055 rs41094450 rs41095673 rs41097502 rs41098705 rs41105273 rs41108729 rs41112903 rs41115200 rs41115764 rs41119967 rs41123085 rs41125852 rs41132437 rs41141305 rs41142167 rs41142472 rs41142864 rs41146837 rs41146852 rs41147909 rs41150016 rs41155085 rs41160119 rs41162588 rs41172335 rs41175877 rs41176247 rs41176835 rs41177382 rs41180048 rs41183444 rs41185858 rs41186277 rs41189644 rs41191671 rs41192632 rs41192945 rs41193621 rs41193692 rs41193819 rs41194695 rs41195669 rs41196140 rs41199348 rs41205359 rs41205477 rs41207143 rs41209311 rs41211168 rs41211783 rs41214709 rs41217724 rs41217762 rs41217993 rs41218344 rs41218890 rs41220083 rs41223241 rs41223434 rs41230814 rs41232009 rs41237443 rs41238094 rs41239216 rs41239924 rs41240621 rs41241057 rs41241661 rs41241947 rs41242107 rs41243360 rs41244042 rs41249880