Clone Name: DKEYP-9D12

Note: The list of reference SNPs mapped on this genomic clone has been retrieved through data exchange between NCBI and ZFIN. These reference SNP identifiers were created by NCBI during periodic 'builds' of the dbSNP database. NCBI has phased out support for non-human organisms in dbSNP and dbVar. Zebrafish SNP details can be obtained from the archive directory

rs40646889 rs40663198 rs40673121 rs40675001 rs40679862 rs40680220 rs40681992 rs40682222 rs40685726 rs40686103 rs40687351 rs40688847 rs40692585 rs40693777 rs40696652 rs40697747 rs40698358 rs40701466 rs40703781 rs40704385 rs40706453 rs40706602 rs40710830 rs40717104 rs40723340 rs40730047 rs40732035 rs40733165 rs40733967 rs40735536 rs40740603 rs40740868 rs40742106 rs40743993 rs40747575 rs40750951 rs40751023 rs40751262 rs40757162 rs40757430 rs40762543 rs40762704 rs40764893 rs40766178 rs40769200 rs40773011 rs40773332 rs40776850 rs40777447 rs40780000 rs40780168 rs40780477 rs40781593 rs40782519 rs40784283 rs40786509 rs40787281 rs40787641 rs40791326 rs40796787 rs40796862 rs40797240 rs40801068 rs40802804 rs40804671 rs40808596 rs40810588 rs40813658 rs40818724 rs40821652 rs40822007 rs40826098 rs40829156 rs40830114 rs40836208 rs40841045 rs40844094 rs40844245 rs40844808 rs40848901 rs40850530 rs40853069 rs40860254 rs40861306 rs40864507 rs40864941 rs40867336 rs40868235 rs40870444 rs40873077 rs40873475 rs40875931 rs40877503 rs40877921 rs40878902 rs40881884 rs40892737 rs40895368 rs40899642 rs40902587 rs40903029 rs40905073 rs40909611 rs40911277 rs40913700 rs40915437 rs40916745 rs40916859 rs40918425 rs40919007 rs40924505 rs40930075 rs40933030 rs40937730 rs40940321 rs40941546 rs40942227 rs40942388 rs40943540 rs40944670 rs40946126 rs40948329 rs40949943 rs40952348 rs40952454 rs40953097 rs40953308 rs40955078 rs40956490 rs40956749 rs40958316 rs40958871 rs40962672 rs40963271 rs40963607 rs40964296 rs40967524 rs40968280 rs40968306 rs40968594 rs40971934 rs40980055 rs40981816 rs40982141 rs40982640 rs40987416 rs40990002 rs40991611 rs40991805 rs40992424 rs40995832 rs40998075 rs40998407 rs40999148 rs41002972 rs41010548 rs41014397 rs41019721 rs41023050 rs41023810 rs41027801 rs41028531 rs41032547 rs41033398 rs41040028 rs41043167 rs41043963 rs41044143 rs41044167 rs41049831 rs41050197 rs41051714 rs41053589 rs41054853 rs41055257 rs41055306 rs41057693 rs41057819 rs41058831 rs41059983 rs41061180 rs41063815 rs41064289 rs41066530 rs41070266 rs41073776 rs41075755 rs41081231 rs41082178 rs41082837 rs41084683 rs41084879 rs41085163 rs41085810 rs41091541 rs41101127 rs41106071 rs41113070 rs41114198 rs41114438 rs41117232 rs41119222 rs41119255 rs41119344 rs41120767 rs41124268 rs41125105 rs41125501 rs41131706 rs41133781 rs41134526 rs41136977 rs41137183 rs41138741 rs41139519 rs41140612 rs41141802 rs41145345 rs41145994 rs41159775 rs41160363 rs41166676 rs41166689 rs41168666 rs41172525 rs41174444 rs41176656 rs41178753 rs41179488 rs41179602 rs41180632 rs41181006 rs41181130 rs41184383 rs41185219 rs41188468 rs41189023 rs41190089 rs41190964 rs41204564 rs41204630 rs41206573 rs41211151 rs41219830 rs41219871 rs41220179 rs41220287 rs41225125 rs41228640 rs41236504 rs41237614 rs41239446 rs41241107 rs41243268 rs41245817 rs41252643 rs40670121 rs40670122 rs40670123 rs40680001 rs55617532