Clone Name: CH211-69K21

Note: The list of reference SNPs mapped on this genomic clone has been retrieved through data exchange between NCBI and ZFIN. These reference SNP identifiers were created by NCBI during periodic 'builds' of the dbSNP database. NCBI has phased out support for non-human organisms in dbSNP and dbVar. Zebrafish SNP details can be obtained from the archive directory

rs40663289 rs40688171 rs40688793 rs40690381 rs40690929 rs40693661 rs40696813 rs40702228 rs40703297 rs40706322 rs40706327 rs40712525 rs40717246 rs40728920 rs40736201 rs40739937 rs40742240 rs40743710 rs40743972 rs40746014 rs40747741 rs40750651 rs40751271 rs40751391 rs40753376 rs40765166 rs40768759 rs40769113 rs40780442 rs40784529 rs40786406 rs40787738 rs40788061 rs40789036 rs40794887 rs40802679 rs40804699 rs40806531 rs40806842 rs40810861 rs40812387 rs40817136 rs40820078 rs40825301 rs40828050 rs40831018 rs40835240 rs40838144 rs40840414 rs40840783 rs40840874 rs40841503 rs40843919 rs40845591 rs40847566 rs40847689 rs40851772 rs40852409 rs40858937 rs40859147 rs40861168 rs40862152 rs40878084 rs40878327 rs40882723 rs40882877 rs40883991 rs40884077 rs40885258 rs40885298 rs40886251 rs40888353 rs40889741 rs40898137 rs40905781 rs40909087 rs40909697 rs40909964 rs40913669 rs40915988 rs40917691 rs40919594 rs40920115 rs40923907 rs40926797 rs40930966 rs40936151 rs40940104 rs40947201 rs40952107 rs40952477 rs40959989 rs40961512 rs40964228 rs40968183 rs40971534 rs40971924 rs40974635 rs40974836 rs40975689 rs40978634 rs40979954 rs40980885 rs40984743 rs40986747 rs40988466 rs40992315 rs40992855 rs41001993 rs41002090 rs41005418 rs41007032 rs41010329 rs41013794 rs41024211 rs41031967 rs41042760 rs41043448 rs41045774 rs41046337 rs41048135 rs41054521 rs41055219 rs41057335 rs41068210 rs41073477 rs41075148 rs41075209 rs41078390 rs41084775 rs41085285 rs41085590 rs41086514 rs41095708 rs41099337 rs41100328 rs41100377 rs41103745 rs41103886 rs41103910 rs41105506 rs41110932 rs41111342 rs41118547 rs41119746 rs41129023 rs41131756 rs41132626 rs41133344 rs41137298 rs41138003 rs41138694 rs41142139 rs41145223 rs41149537 rs41150752 rs41151170 rs41151280 rs41159325 rs41167635 rs41168395 rs41171108 rs41172420 rs41175645 rs41177248 rs41182688 rs41183001 rs41183810 rs41183936 rs41186200 rs41186532 rs41188535 rs41190117 rs41195098 rs41196115 rs41198386 rs41199893 rs41206267 rs41211229 rs41218703 rs41222125 rs41223489 rs41226999 rs41228553 rs41234614 rs41236699 rs41237064 rs41243407 rs41244138 rs41245276 rs41251534 rs41252449 rs41252480 rs40965475 rs41203978 rs41211865 rs41245429