Clone Name: CH211-153J24

Note: The list of reference SNPs mapped on this genomic clone has been retrieved through data exchange between NCBI and ZFIN. These reference SNP identifiers were created by NCBI during periodic 'builds' of the dbSNP database. NCBI has phased out support for non-human organisms in dbSNP and dbVar. Zebrafish SNP details can be obtained from the archive directory

rs40608375 rs40632559 rs40635000 rs40648439 rs40649478 rs40650572 rs40654824 rs40657946 rs40664774 rs40666394 rs40670475 rs40679826 rs40685116 rs40687692 rs40689826 rs40695528 rs40696977 rs40698043 rs40699519 rs40700517 rs40700982 rs40702255 rs40702335 rs40705678 rs40706752 rs40708359 rs40708461 rs40711964 rs40714129 rs40714266 rs40718058 rs40719229 rs40719970 rs40720484 rs40720955 rs40722873 rs40724294 rs40726717 rs40728843 rs40730998 rs40731163 rs40731213 rs40731891 rs40732972 rs40733737 rs40736351 rs40741833 rs40743293 rs40744501 rs40747866 rs40748687 rs40753011 rs40754715 rs40757536 rs40759866 rs40760640 rs40761635 rs40763020 rs40774904 rs40780034 rs40780342 rs40780712 rs40784107 rs40786175 rs40787830 rs40790019 rs40795212 rs40797268 rs40801204 rs40802450 rs40804791 rs40807335 rs40809913 rs40810324 rs40811692 rs40815440 rs40817127 rs40823507 rs40824441 rs40837982 rs40840015 rs40846665 rs40847739 rs40851585 rs40857333 rs40859409 rs40859995 rs40860709 rs40860840 rs40861767 rs40865316 rs40868477 rs40872545 rs40872877 rs40880050 rs40880772 rs40897804 rs40898271 rs40898933 rs40901665 rs40902725 rs40903738 rs40904154 rs40906170 rs40906355 rs40910546 rs40910772 rs40911094 rs40911860 rs40914073 rs40921482 rs40923317 rs40923670 rs40924410 rs40924487 rs40925400 rs40925474 rs40927256 rs40927732 rs40935952 rs40938281 rs40942918 rs40943864 rs40948689 rs40949009 rs40952074 rs40952618 rs40955034 rs40962965 rs40965353 rs40965387 rs40970954 rs40972109 rs40973432 rs40976761 rs40980734 rs40982604 rs40984138 rs40985076 rs40989416 rs40990505 rs40990663 rs40995411 rs40995647 rs41000584 rs41001033 rs41002635 rs41003067 rs41004607 rs41005975 rs41012609 rs41013133 rs41016591 rs41018150 rs41019529 rs41020154 rs41025739 rs41027184 rs41029158 rs41034876 rs41037531 rs41037996 rs41040620 rs41044198 rs41048492 rs41050569 rs41051086 rs41053445 rs41056053 rs41058153 rs41064994 rs41066009 rs41067568 rs41069987 rs41072869 rs41084301 rs41085481 rs41086562 rs41087133 rs41094870 rs41095017 rs41098440 rs41102396 rs41102404 rs41106344 rs41109599 rs41111850 rs41111888 rs41117597 rs41121212 rs41122521 rs41124595 rs41130585 rs41131859 rs41134892 rs41137297 rs41139035 rs41140528 rs41142807 rs41143318 rs41143523 rs41152385 rs41155083 rs41155958 rs41157156 rs41159134 rs41159921 rs41161935 rs41164817 rs41170164 rs41170231 rs41175260 rs41179013 rs41179016 rs41180544 rs41180557 rs41181376 rs41183311 rs41186517 rs41190464 rs41190955 rs41200985 rs41207274 rs41207597 rs41211564 rs41212362 rs41216469 rs41219418 rs41223884 rs41224609 rs41225891 rs41228622 rs41229367 rs41230920 rs41233124 rs41235518 rs41241601 rs41242441 rs41243328 rs41248130 rs40652123