Panel Name: Heat Shock (HS)
Description: The Talbot and Postlethwait groups are collaborating to localize zebrafish genes on an integrated genetic linkage map. This map will accelerate the discovery of gene functions by increasing the number of mapped candidate genes for mutations. Furthermore, genes are uniquely suited for comparative genomics, and we plan to assemble a map of chromosomal segments conserved between zebrafish and human. Previous gene maps were constructed with haploid mapping panels, which simplify linkage analysis but allow only 1000-2000 markers to be scored in each individual (because of the limited genomic DNA available in haploid embryos). To overcome this limitation while retaining the benefit of haploid panels, we are employing a homozygous diploid mapping panel produced by heat shock treatment of the embryonic offspring from two C32/SJD F1 females. Genomic DNA for 10,000-100,000 markers is available from each of the 47 individuals that comprise the panel. By scoring SSCPs linked to genes and ESTs, we plan to create a dense, gene-based map with a resolution of 2 cM (about 1.2 Mb average physical distance). This resolution will allow investigators to identify genes near mutations of interest; any candidate genes in the interval can then be tested in mutant mapping crosses of higher resolution.
Panel Producer: Talbot, William S.
Panel Type: Meiotic
Current source of
genetic material for mapping:
Talbot, William S.
Most Recent Update: Mar 2, 2005
Number of Meioses: 42
Markers Chromosome
Marker Type Count
CDNA 797
EST 1,818
GENE 668
SNP 761
SSLP 656
STS 16
Total 4,716
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Chromsome Marker Type (# on Chr.) View Scoring
1 CDNA(37) EST(69) GENE(29) SNP(31) SSLP(30) Map Data
2 CDNA(41) EST(95) GENE(25) SNP(34) SSLP(30) Map Data
3 CDNA(49) EST(80) GENE(39) SNP(32) SSLP(38) STS(1) Map Data
4 CDNA(19) EST(70) GENE(6) SNP(26) SSLP(28) STS(1) Map Data
5 CDNA(52) EST(118) GENE(39) SNP(59) SSLP(34) STS(3) Map Data
6 CDNA(43) EST(73) GENE(28) SNP(43) SSLP(30) Map Data
7 CDNA(46) EST(102) GENE(35) SNP(32) SSLP(37) Map Data
8 CDNA(27) EST(71) GENE(26) SNP(43) SSLP(24) STS(1) Map Data
9 CDNA(33) EST(69) GENE(32) SNP(36) SSLP(21) STS(2) Map Data
10 CDNA(37) EST(61) GENE(24) SNP(17) SSLP(20) STS(1) Map Data
11 CDNA(24) EST(79) GENE(26) SNP(50) SSLP(20) Map Data
12 CDNA(36) EST(56) GENE(34) SNP(31) SSLP(30) Map Data
13 CDNA(32) EST(77) GENE(28) SNP(17) SSLP(25) Map Data
14 CDNA(36) EST(58) GENE(33) SNP(13) SSLP(29) Map Data
15 CDNA(24) EST(72) GENE(29) SNP(21) SSLP(33) Map Data
16 CDNA(24) EST(75) GENE(24) SNP(33) SSLP(20) STS(1) Map Data
17 CDNA(20) EST(56) GENE(24) SNP(30) SSLP(16) STS(1) Map Data
18 CDNA(21) EST(63) GENE(17) SNP(35) SSLP(26) STS(2) Map Data
19 CDNA(31) EST(72) GENE(28) SNP(31) SSLP(20) Map Data
20 CDNA(31) EST(72) GENE(28) SNP(17) SSLP(20) Map Data
21 CDNA(23) EST(77) GENE(37) SNP(40) SSLP(33) Map Data
22 CDNA(29) EST(67) GENE(18) SNP(24) SSLP(16) STS(1) Map Data
23 CDNA(36) EST(86) GENE(28) SNP(32) SSLP(28) STS(1) Map Data
24 CDNA(23) EST(55) GENE(15) SNP(13) SSLP(21) Map Data
25 CDNA(23) EST(45) GENE(16) SNP(21) SSLP(27) STS(1) Map Data
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