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General Information
ZFIN ID: ZDB-ALT-020918-6
Genomic Feature: kca4Tg
Synonyms: kca4, Tg(hsp70l:Gal4)1.5, Tg(hsp70l:Gal4)1.5kca4 (1)
Affected Genomic Regions: This feature is representative of one or more unknown insertion sites.
Construct: Tg(-1.5hsp70l:GAL4)
Type: Transgenic Insertion
Protocol: DNA 
Lab Of Origin: Reugels / Campos-Ortega Lab
Location: Unmapped
Current Sources: Zebrafish International Resource Center (ZIRC)    (order this)
MUTATION DETAILSNo data available
FLANKING SEQUENCENo data available
OTHER kca4Tg PAGESNo links to external sites
Zygosity Genotype (Background) Affected Genomic Regions Parental Zygosity
Homozygous kca4Tg/kca4Tg Unknown
Heterozygous kca4Tg/+ (AB) Unknown
kca4Tg/+ Unknown
Complex el137Tg ; kca4Tg
el249Tg ; kca4Tg (TU)
kca4Tg ; el662Tg (TU)
kca4Tg ; el688Tg
kca4Tg ; ibl40Tg
kca4Tg/+ ; p151Tg/+
kca4Tg/+ ; sr1Tg/+ ; p151Tg/+
p151Tg ; kca4Tg ; y171Tg ; sr1Tg
pd1Tg ; kca3Tg ; kca4Tg (AB)
s843Tg ; uq2bhTg ; kca4Tg
y171Tg ; kca4Tg ; p151Tg
sox32ta56/ta56; kca4Tg/+ sox32
bc2Tg; kca4Tg
el108Tg; kca4Tg/+
el137Tg; kca4Tg/+
el249Tg; kca4Tg
el326Tg; kca4Tg
el49Tg; kca4Tg
gz20Tg; kca4Tg
kca3Tg/+; kca4Tg/+
kca3Tg/kca3Tg; kca4Tg/kca4Tg
kca3Tg; kca4Tg
kca4Tg/+; y83Tg/+
kca4Tg; mw35Tg
kca4Tg; pd1090Tg
kca4Tg; rk8Tg
kca4Tg; s1999tTg
kca4Tg; sr1Tg
kca4Tg; uq1bhTg
kca4Tg; yu3Tg
kca4Tg; zf27Tg
dctn1as309/s309; kca3Tg; kca4Tg (TL) dctn1a
edn1tf216b/tf216b; el249Tg; kca4Tg edn1
edn1tf216b/tf216b; el326Tg; kca4Tg edn1
edn1tf216b/tf216b; el49Tg; kca4Tg edn1
mib1ta52b/ta52b; kca3Tg; kca4Tg mib1
sox32ta56/ta56; el137Tg; kca4Tg/+ sox32
hdac1hi1618Tg/hi1618Tg; kca3Tg; kca4Tg hdac1
el137Tg; kca4Tg/+; y1Tg
kca3Tg/+; kca4Tg/+; knu2Tg/+
kca3Tg/+; kca4Tg/+; sb1Tg/+
kca3Tg/+; kca4Tg/+; y83Tg/+
kca3Tg; kca4Tg; knu3Tg
kca3Tg; kca4Tg; la781Tg
kca3Tg; kca4Tg; nl1Tg
kca3Tg; kca4Tg; s843Tg
kca3Tg; kca4Tg; vu12Tg
kca3Tg; kca4Tg; x17Tg
kca3Tg; kca4Tg; y1Tg
kca3Tg; kca4Tg; y83Tg
kca4Tg/+; s939Tg; um14Tg
kca4Tg; knu3Tg; ups5Tg
kca4Tg; sr1Tg; y1Tg
kca4Tg; uq1bhTg; y7Tg
cemip2hu5935/hu5935; kca4Tg; s843Tg; uq2bhTg cemip2
sox32ta56/ta56; el137Tg; kca4Tg/+; y1Tg sox32
gt1Tg; jh11Tg; kca3Tg; kca4Tg
hu4008Tg; kca3Tg; kca4Tg; zf131Tg
hu5333Tg; kca4Tg; uq1bhTg; y1Tg
kca3Tg ; kca4Tg ; um14Tg ; vc6Tg
kca3Tg/+; kca4Tg/+; s939Tg; um14Tg
kca3Tg; kca4Tg; la2Tg; s939Tg
Unknown kca4Tg Unknown