ZFIN ID: ZDB-PUB-981215-13
Evidence for a fizzled-mediated wnt pathway required for zebrafish dorsal mesoderm formation
Nasevicius, A., Hyatt, T., Kim, H., Guttman, J., Walsh, E., Sumanas, S., Wang, Y.S., and Ekker, S.C.
Date: 1998
Source: Development (Cambridge, England) 125: 4283-4292 (Journal)
Registered Authors: Ekker, Stephen C., Hyatt, Tana, Kim, Hyon, Nasevicius, Aidas, Sumanas, Saulius, Walsh, Emily, Wang, Yihong
Keywords: zebrafish; frizzled; wnt signalling; dorsal organizer; mesoderm dorsoventral patterning
MeSH Terms: Amino Acid Sequence; Animals; Blotting, Northern; Body Patterning*; Calcium-Calmodulin-Dependent Protein Kinases/metabolism (all 23) expand
PubMed: 9753682
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We have used zebrafish as a model system for the study of vertebrate dorsoventral patterning. We isolated a maternally expressed and dorsal organizer localized member of the frizzled family of wnt receptors. Wild-type and dominant, loss-of-function molecules in misexpression studies demonstrate frizzled function is necessary and sufficient for dorsal mesoderm specification. frizzled activity is antagonized by the action of GSK-3, and we show GSK-3 is also required for zebrafish dorsal mesoderm formation. frizzled cooperatively interacts with the maternally encoded zebrafish wnt8 protein in dorsal mesodermal fate determination. This frizzled -mediated wnt pathway for dorsal mesoderm specification provides the first evidence for the requirement of a wnt-like signal in vertebrate axis determination.