ZFIN ID: ZDB-PUB-201103-6
Light-sheet fluorescence imaging charts the gastrula origin of vascular endothelial cells in early zebrafish embryos
Pang, M., Bai, L., Zong, W., Wang, X., Bu, Y., Xiong, C., Zheng, J., Li, J., Gao, W., Feng, Z., Chen, L., Zhang, J., Cheng, H., Zhu, X., Xiong, J.W.
Date: 2020
Source: Cell discovery   6: 74 (Journal)
Registered Authors: Chen, Liangyi, Xiong, Jing-Wei
Keywords: Cell biology, Developmental biology
MeSH Terms: none
PubMed: 33133634 Full text @ Cell Discov
It remains challenging to construct a complete cell lineage map of the origin of vascular endothelial cells in any vertebrate embryo. Here, we report the application of in toto light-sheet fluorescence imaging of embryos to trace the origin of vascular endothelial cells (ECs) at single-cell resolution in zebrafish. We first adapted a previously reported method to embryo mounting and light-sheet imaging, created an alignment, fusion, and extraction all-in-one software (AFEIO) for processing big data, and performed quantitative analysis of cell lineage relationships using commercially available Imaris software. Our data revealed that vascular ECs originated from broad regions of the gastrula along the dorsal-ventral and anterior-posterior axes, of which the dorsal-anterior cells contributed to cerebral ECs, the dorsal-lateral cells to anterior trunk ECs, and the ventral-lateral cells to posterior trunk and tail ECs. Therefore, this work, to our knowledge, charts the first comprehensive map of the gastrula origin of vascular ECs in zebrafish, and has potential applications for studying the origin of any embryonic organs in zebrafish and other model organisms.