ZFIN ID: ZDB-PUB-201002-212
H2O2 and Engrailed 2 paracrine activity synergize to shape the zebrafish optic tectum
Amblard, I., Thauvin, M., Rampon, C., Queguiner, I., Pak, V.V., Belousov, V., Prochiantz, A., Volovitch, M., Joliot, A., Vriz, S.
Date: 2020
Source: Communications biology   3: 536 (Journal)
Registered Authors: Rampon, Christine, Vriz, Sophie
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PubMed: 32994473 Full text @ Commun Biol
Although a physiological role for redox signaling is now clearly established, the processes sensitive to redox signaling remains to be identified. Ratiometric probes selective for H2O2 have revealed its complex spatiotemporal dynamics during neural development and adult regeneration and perturbations of H2O2 levels disturb cell plasticity and morphogenesis. Here we ask whether endogenous H2O2 could participate in the patterning of the embryo. We find that perturbations of endogenous H2O2 levels impact on the distribution of the Engrailed homeoprotein, a strong determinant of midbrain patterning. Engrailed 2 is secreted from cells with high H2O2 levels and taken up by cells with low H2O2 levels where it leads to increased H2O2 production, steering the directional spread of the Engrailed gradient. These results illustrate the interplay between protein signaling pathways and metabolic processes during morphogenetic events.