ZFIN ID: ZDB-PUB-191114-17
A photo-stable fluorescent tracker for Imaging Mitochondria with Super Resolution
Yao, Q., Li, L., Huang, X., Li, H., Fang, Y., Xia, J., Fan, J., Chen, L., Wang, J., Peng, X.
Date: 2019
Source: Analytical chemistry   91(24): 15777-15783 (Journal)
Registered Authors: Chen, Liangyi
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PubMed: 31718148 Full text @ Anal. Chem.
The power factories in cells, Mitochondria, play important roles in all physiological processes. It is reported that progressive mitochondrial swelling and outer mitochondrial membrane rupture could be induced by a widely variety of apoptotic and necrotic stimuli. Regrettably, though a variety of mitochondrial probes have been developed, most of them are based on the detection of active species in mitochondria. It is still urgently needed that the probes which can monitor the status and distribution of mitochondria for a long time. In this study, a fluorescent sensor with excellent properties, EtNBEn, is described. Outstanding performance allows it to observe not only in cells but living Daphnia and Zebrafish under confocal microscopy for a long time. Moreover, the swelling process of mitochondria under light stimulation is also visualized under super-resolution (SR) microscopy. All these results suggest that EtNBEn could be employed for tagging mitochondria in various physiological processes which make a great contribution to the cure of diseases.