ZFIN ID: ZDB-PUB-190323-4
Tumor suppressor RARRES1 links tubulin deglutamylation to mitochondrial metabolism and cell survival
Maimouni, S., Lee, M.H., Sung, Y.M., Hall, M., Roy, A., Ouaari, C., Hwang, Y.S., Spivak, J., Glasgow, E., Swift, M., Patel, J., Cheema, A., Kumar, D., Byers, S.
Date: 2019
Source: Oncotarget   10: 1606-1624 (Journal)
Registered Authors: Glasgow, Eric, Swift, Matthew Russell
Keywords: PTM tubulin, RARRES1, drug resistance, metabolic reprogramming, retinoic acid signaling
MeSH Terms: none
PubMed: 30899431 Full text @ Oncotarget
RARRES1, a retinoic acid regulated carboxypeptidase inhibitor associated with fatty acid metabolism, stem cell differentiation and tumorigenesis is among the most commonly methylated loci in multiple cancers but has no known mechanism of action. Here we show that RARRES1 interaction with cytoplasmic carboxypeptidase 2 (CCP2) inhibits tubulin deglutamylation, which in turn regulates the mitochondrial voltage dependent anion channel (VDAC1), mitochondrial membrane potential, AMPK activation, energy balance and metabolically reprograms cells and zebrafish to a more energetic and anabolic phenotype. Depletion of RARRES1 also increases expression of stem cell markers, promotes anoikis, anchorage independent growth and insensitivity to multiple apoptotic stimuli. As depletion of CCP2 or inhibition of VDAC1 reverses the effects of RARRES1 depletion on energy balance and cell survival we conclude that RARRES1 modulation of CCP2-modulated tubulin-mitochondrial VDAC1 interactions is a fundamental regulator of cancer and stem cell metabolism and survival.