ZFIN ID: ZDB-PUB-180713-3
Robust and local positional information within a fin ray directs fin length during zebrafish regeneration
Shibata, E., Liu, Z., Kawasaki, T., Sakai, N., Kawakami, A.
Date: 2018
Source: Development, growth & differentiation   60(6): 354-364 (Journal)
Registered Authors: Kawakami, Atsushi
Keywords: fin, positional information, regeneration, tissue graft, zebrafish
MeSH Terms:
  • Animal Fins/physiology*
  • Animals
  • Regeneration/physiology*
  • Zebrafish/physiology*
PubMed: 29992536 Full text @ Dev. Growth Diff.
It has been proposed that cells are regulated to form specific morphologies and sizes according to positional information. However, the entity and nature of positional information have not been fully understood yet. The zebrafish caudal fin has a characteristic V-shape; dorsal and ventral fin rays are longer than the central ones. This fin shape regenerates irrespective of the sites or shape of fin amputation. It is thought that reformation of tissue occurs according to positional information. In this study, we developed a novel transplantation procedure for grafting a whole fin ray to an ectopic position and examined whether the information that specifies fin length exists within each fin ray. Intriguingly, when long and short fin rays were swapped, they regenerated to form longer or shorter fin rays than the adjacent host fin rays, respectively. Further, the abnormal fin ray lengths were maintained for a long time, more than 5 months, and after further re-amputation. In contrast to intra-fin grafting, when fin ray grafting was performed between fish, cells in the grafts disappeared due to immune rejection, and the grafted fin rays adapted to the host position to form a normal fin. Together, our data suggest that the information that directs fin length does exist in cells within a single fin ray and that it has a robust property-it is stable for a long time and is hard to rewrite. Our study highlighted a novel positional information mechanism for directing regenerating fin length.