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10th European Zebrafish Meeting 2017, Budapest: Husbandry Workshop Summary
Oltová, J., Barton, C., Certal, A.C., Argenton, F., Varga, Z.M.
Date: 2018
Source: Zebrafish : (Other)
Registered Authors: Argenton, Francesco, Barton, Carrie, Certal, Ana Catarina, Varga, Zoltan M.
Keywords: euthanasia, facility database, feeding, fish diet, food, hand-held feeder
MeSH Terms: none
PubMed: 29293410 Full text @ Zebrafish
A husbandry workshop on July 3, 2017, at the 10th European Zebrafish Meeting in Budapest, Hungary (July 3-July 7, 2017), focused on the standardization, optimization, and streamlining of fish facility procedures. Standardization can be achieved for example by developing novel software and hardware tools, such as a fish facility database for husbandry and environmental facility management (Zebrabase, Oltova), or a hand-held, air-pressurized fish feeder for consistent food distribution (Blowfish, Argenton). Streamlining is achieved when work hours are reduced, as with the standardized fish feeder, or by limiting the number and types of fish diets and observing the effect on animal welfare and performance (Barton). Testing the characteristics of new fish diets and observing whether they produce better experimental outcomes (Certal) optimizes diets and improves fish productivity. Collectively, the workshop presentations emphasized how consistency and harmonization of husbandry procedures within and across aquatic facilities yield reproducible scientific outcomes.