ZFIN ID: ZDB-PUB-170814-2
Single cell physiology
Neveu, P., Sinha, D., Kettunen, P., Vriz, S., Julien, L., Bensimon, D.
Date: 2010
Source: Proceedings of the Nobel Symposium on Single Molecule Spectroscopy in Chemistry, Physics and Biology   96: 305-316 (Chapter)
Registered Authors: Bensimon, David, Kettunen, Petronella, Vriz, Sophie
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Summary. The possibility to control at specific times and specific places the activity of biomolecules (enzymes, transcription factors, RNA, hormones, etc.) is opening up new opportunities in the study of physiological processes at the single cell level in a live organism. Most existing gene expression systems allow for tissue specific induction upon feeding the organism with exogenous inducers (e.g., tetracycline). Local genetic control has earlier been achieved by micro-injection of the relevant inducer/repressor molecule, but this is an invasive and possibly traumatic technique. In this chapter, we present the requirements for a noninvasive optical control of the activity of biomolecules and review the recent advances in this new field of research.