The fatty acid chain elongase, Elovl1, is required for kidney and swim bladder development during zebrafish embryogenesis

Bhandari, S., Lee, J.N., Kim, Y.I., Nam, I.K., Kim, S.J., Kim, S.J., Kwak, S., Oh, G.S., Kim, H.J., Yoo, H.J., So, H.S., Choe, S.K., Park, R.
Organogenesis   12(2): 78-93 (Journal)
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Bhandari, Sushil, Choe, Seong-Kyu, Kim, Yong-Il
Fatty acid chain elongase, kidney development, swim bladder development, zebrafish
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Very long chain fatty acids are required for sphingolipid synthesis, lipid homeostasis, myelin formation, epidermal permeability, and retinal function. Seven different enzymes are known to be involved in the elongation cycle of fatty acids, with different chain-length specificities. Elovl1 is one of those enzymes whose function has been linked mainly to the synthesis of sphingolipids and the epidermal barrier. However, the role of Elovl1 in organogenesis is not clear. In zebrafish, two Elovl1 genes, elovl1a and elovl1b, are highly expressed in the swim bladder, and elovl1b is also expressed in the kidney. We found that both elovl1 knockdown embryos contain increased levels of long chain fatty acids from carbon number 14 to 20 as compared to control embryos. Oil-Red-O staining shows that yolk lipid consumption is greatly reduced, whereas lipid droplets accumulate within the swim bladder. Notably, knockdown of either elovl1a or elovl1b affects the expression of genes involved in swim bladder development and impairs inflation of the swim bladder. Consistent with its expression in the pronephros, knockdown of elovl1b alone affects the expression of genes required for kidney development and reduces renal clearance. Our findings strongly suggest that both elovl1 genes are a key determinant of swim bladder and kidney development in zebrafish, which may be comparatively applicable to lung and kidney development in humans.
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