ZFIN ID: ZDB-PUB-090311-2
Expression patterns from GAL4 enhancer trap screen
Mason, L., Scott, E.K., Staub, W., Finger-Baier, K., and Baier, H.
Date: 2009
Source: ZFIN Direct Data Submission : (Unpublished)
Registered Authors: Baier, Herwig, Finger-Baier, Karin, Mason, Lindsay, Scott, Ethan, Staub, Wendy
Keywords: none
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PubMed: none
Directly submitted data from a Tol2-assisted enhancer trap screen using GAL4-VP16 to drive expression of upstream activator sequence (UAS)-linked transgenes in expression patterns dictated by endogenous enhancers in zebrafish. The 159 patterns presented include expression in small subsets of neurons throughout the larval brain or spinal cord (5 or 6 dpf), which in some cases persist into adult.
See also Scott et. al. 2007 for 22 lines (allele numbers s1000t, s1001t,... through s1021t).