ZFIN ID: ZDB-PUB-030106-9
Effects of Benzo[a]pyrene on fish populations: Results of a complete life-cycle-test with the zebrafish Danio rerio ( Wirkung von Benzo[a]pyren auf Fischpopulationen: Ergebnisse eines kompletten Life-Cycle-Tests mit dem Zebrabaerbling Danio rer
Diekmann, M., Hultsch, V., and Nagel, R.
Date: 1999
Source: Ecotoxicology: Ecosystematic Evaluations and Methods (Oekotoxikologie, Oekosystemare Ansaetze und Methoden) : 197-203 (Book)
Registered Authors: Nagel, Roland
Keywords: Toxicity tests; Life cycle; Survival; Growth; Biological fertilization; Danio rerio, sexual reproduction; bioaccumulation; Benzo[a]pyrene
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For many surface waters genotoxic potentials have been described. The consequences for aquatic organisms are still unknown. To evaluate effects on fish populations a complete life cycle test with the zebrafish Danio rerio and benzo[a]pyrene (BaP) has been conducted. Population relevant parameters as survival, growth, and reproduction within the F sub(r) generation as well as survival and growth within the F sub(r)-generation have been investigated. The fish were exposed to 5 concentrations of BaP in a continuous flow through system for 210 days. BaP in the water and in the fish has been analyzed by GC/MS. The water concentrations of BaP were 3, 7, 18, 64 and 193 ng/L, which is comparable to those found in surface waters. At 193 ng BaP/L the number of fertilized eggs per female and day has been significantly reduced during an investigation period of 4 weeks. Detailed examinations revealed that after two weeks fish exposed to BaP produced the same quantity of fertilized eggs as the control fish. The consequences of the regarded effect for the population are discussed. An interesting result was the calculated bioaccumulation factors. With a value of approximately 40 (based on total wetweight) they were clearly below known bioconcentration factors of 1.000. One explanation could be the induction of metabolic processes in the experiment due to the long exposure time.