ZFIN ID: ZDB-PUB-021017-69
A mutagenesis screen to identify maternal factors required in early zebrafish development
Wagner, D.S., Dosch, R., Holloway, B.A., Mei, W.Y., Mintzer, K.A., and Mullins, M.C.
Date: 2002
Source: Developmental Biology   247(2): 523 (Abstract)
Registered Authors: Dosch, Roland, Holloway, Beth A., Mei, Wenyan, Mintzer, Keith A., Mullins, Mary C., Wagner, Daniel
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We have conducted a four-generation maternal-effect screen to identify maternally supplied factors that are critical for oogenesis and embryogenesis in the zebrafish. We have screened 600 mutagenized genomes and have identified approximately 75 maternal-effect mutants. The mutants we recovered affect a wide variety of developmental processes, including egg synthesis, egg activation, cell division, cell survival, embryonic pattern formation, and morphogenesis. The spectrum of phenotypes we recovered clearly demonstrates a complex maternal contribution to early embryo development in the zebrafish. Maternally supplied factors are not only required for early events such as egg activation and early cell division but also at later periods where maternally supplied factors persist and coordinate with newly synthesized zygotic factors to execute a normal developmental program.