ZFIN ID: ZDB-PUB-021017-56
Analysis of the cellular behaviors driving cardiac fusion in zebrafish
Glickman, N.S. and Yelon, D.
Date: 2002
Source: Developmental Biology   247(2): 473 (Abstract)
Registered Authors: Holtzman, Nathalia Glickman, Yelon, Deborah
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Organ development is a complex process involving a reciprocal relationship between morphogenesis and patterning. A cell’s position can affect its fate specification, and its fate can affect its movements. Thus it is critical to understand cellular behaviors and their genetic regulation during organogenesis. Although some of the genes involved in heart tube formation have been identified, the cell behaviors required for this process are unknown. By driving expression of GFP in cardiac precursors, we can follow precursor behaviors during cardiac fusion and heart tube assembly. In particular, we can examine cell polarity, cell shape, and rate and direction of cell movement. It will be especially interesting to compare the behaviors of ventricular and atrial precursors. These data will provide an important foundation for the analysis of cell behavior changes in zebrafish mutants with cardiac defects.