ZFIN ID: ZDB-PUB-000927-4
lazarus is a novel pbx gene that globally mediates Hox gene function in zebrafish
Pöpperl, H., Rikhof, H., Chang, H., Haffter, P., Kimmel, C.B., and Moens, C.B.
Date: 2000
Source: Molecular Cell 6(2): 255-267 (Journal)
Registered Authors: Chang, H., Haffter, Pascal, Kimmel, Charles B., Moens, Cecilia, Rikhof, Holly
Keywords: none
MeSH Terms: Animals; Body Patterning/genetics*; DNA-Binding Proteins/genetics; Embryo, Nonmammalian/physiology; Gene Expression Regulation* (all 13) expand
PubMed: 10983974 Full text @ Mol. Cell
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Individual vertebrate Hox genes specify aspects of segment identity along the anterior-posterior axis. The exquisite in vivo specificity of Hox proteins is thought to result from their interactions with members of the Pbx/Exd family of homeodomain proteins. Here, we report the identification and cloning of a zebrafish gene, lazarus, which is required globally for segmental patterning in the hindbrain and anterior trunk. We show that lazarus is a novel pbx gene and provide evidence that it is the primary pbx gene required for the functions of multiple hox genes during zebrafish development. lazarus plays a critical role in orchestrating the corresponding segmentation of the hindbrain and the pharyngeal arches, a key step in the development of the vertebrate body plan.