ZFIN ID: ZDB-PERS-980902-3
Barresi, Michael J. F.
Email: mbarresi@smith.edu
URL: http://sophia.smith.edu/blog/barresilab/
Affiliation: Barresi Lab
Address: Smith College, 44 College Lane, Clark Science Center Northampton, MA 01063
Country: United States
Phone: (413) 585-3697
Fax: 413.585.3786

Graduate program: Wesleyan University, Biology Department, Dr. Stephen Devoto's Laboratory. Focus was on slow muscle cell specification during embryonic development and larval growth. In addition, I examined the role Hh signaling plays in sclerotome development in zebrafish.

Postdoctoral position: University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Dr. Rolf Karlstrom's Laboratory. Focus was on Hedgehog regulation of the axon guidance environment at the midline of the forebrain.

Current position: Assistant professor, Biology Department, Smith College. My lab is focused on defining the axon-glial cell interactions that occur at the midline in the forebrain.

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