ZFIN ID: ZDB-PERS-080519-2
Rajpurohit, Surendra
Email: srajpurohit@gru.edu
URL: http://www.augusta.edu/faculty/directory/view.php?id=SRAJPUROHIT
Affiliation: Rajpurohit Lab
Address: Georgia Cancer Center, Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University 1410 Laney Walker Blvd I CN 3116A I Augusta, Georgia 30912
Country: United States

Development of Zebrafish Microglia for health and disease. /SoubleEGFR Research. Role of HER3 isoform and extracellular domain of HER (sHER3)in Melanoma, Ovary and Breast Cancer Research. Role of soluble isoforms (extra cellular domains) of EGFR Family members in targeted therapeutics and establishment of sEGFR as Biomarker in Cancer Research. In-vivo automated HTS Drug Discovery by using Zebrafish model in Diabetes beta cell neogenesis and proliferation, Creation of acute hypoxia in zebrafish model and its impact on Cardiovascular Biology.

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