ZFIN ID: ZDB-PERS-080514-1
Levavi-Sivan, Berta
Email: sivan@agri.huji.ac.il
Affiliation: Fish Reproduction
Address: Faculty of Agricultural Food and Environmental Quality Sciences Department of Animal Sciences The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Rehovot, 76100 Israel
Country: Israel
Phone: 972-8-9489988
Fax: 972-8-9465763

1979 - 1983 B.Sc. Tel-Aviv University, Life Science.
1983 - 1986 M.Sc. Tel Aviv University, Dept. of Zoology.
1986 - 1993 Ph.D. Tel-Aviv University, Dept. of Zoology.
1995 - 1999 Post-Doc. Weizmann Institute. Dept. of Immunology,
1999 – 2005 Lecturer, Animal Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Hebrew University
2005 – 2007 Senior lecturer, Animal Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Hebrew University
2007 – present Associate Professor, Animal Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Hebrew University

Research interests:

1. Illumination of the mechanisms underlying hypothalamic regulation in fish.
2. kisspeptin/kisspeptin receptor system in fish.
3. Production of recombinant gonadotropins using the expression system of Pichia pastoris.
4. Introduction of new fish species to Israeli aquaculture.
5. Sex inversion in fish.
6. Aquaculture in Third World Countries.

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