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General Information
ZFIN ID: ZDB-PERS-060711-3
Agetsuma, Masakazu
Email: age@brain.riken.jp
Affiliation: Okamoto Lab
Address: Laboratory for Developmental Gene Regulation Neural Growth and Regeneration Research Group Brain Science Institute The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN) 2-1 Hirosawa, Wako-city Saitama, 351-0198 Japan
Phone: 81-48-467-9713
Fax: 81-48-467-9714
Orcid ID:


Chou, M.Y., Amo, R., Kinoshita, M., Cherng, B.W., Shimazaki, H., Agetsuma, M., Shiraki, T., Aoki, T., Takahoko, M., Yamazaki, M., Higashijima, S., Okamoto, H. (2016) Social conflict resolution regulated by two dorsal habenular subregions in zebrafish. Science (New York, N.Y.). 352:87-90
Amo, R., Fredes, F., Kinoshita, M., Aoki, R., Aizawa, H., Agetsuma, M., Aoki, T., Shiraki, T., Kakinuma, H., Matsuda, M., Yamazaki, M., Takahoko, M., Tsuboi, T., Higashijima, S.I., Miyasaka, N., Koide, T., Yabuki, Y., Yoshihara, Y., Fukai, T., Okamoto, H. (2014) The Habenulo-Raphe Serotonergic Circuit Encodes an Aversive Expectation Value Essential for Adaptive Active Avoidance of Danger. Neuron. 84:1034-1048
Aoki, T., Kinoshita, M., Aoki, R., Agetsuma, M., Aizawa, H., Yamazaki, M., Takahoko, M., Amo, R., Arata, A., Higashijima, S.I., Tsuboi, T., and Okamoto, H. (2013) Imaging of Neural Ensemble for the Retrieval of a Learned Behavioral Program. Neuron. 78(5):881-894
Okamoto, H., Agetsuma, M., and Aizawa, H. (2012) Genetic dissection of the zebrafish habenula, a possible switching board for selection of behavioral strategy to cope with fear and anxiety. Developmental Neurobiology. 72(3):386-394
Agetsuma, M., Aizawa, H., Aoki, T., Nakayama, R., Takahoko, M., Goto, M., Sassa, T., Amo, R., Shiraki, T., Kawakami, K., Hosoya, T., Higashijima, S.I., and Okamoto, H. (2010) The habenula is crucial for experience-dependent modification of fear responses in zebrafish. Nature Neuroscience. 13(11):1354-1356