ZFIN ID: ZDB-PERS-030822-1
Kirby, Margaret L.
Email: mlkirby@duke.edu
URL: http://kirbylab.duhs.duke.edu/index.html
Affiliation: Kirby lab
Address: Neonatal-Perinatal Research Institute Department of Pediatrics 157 Bell Building Box 3179 Duke University Medical Center Durham, NC 27710 USA
Country: United States
Phone: (919) 668-1598
Fax: (919) 668-1599

My research interests are in neural crest and heart development. Neural crest cells are needed for functional and structural development of the heart and have been shown in a number of mammalian and avian models to participate in division of the aorta and pulmonary trunk from a single primordial vessel. In addition, neural crest-derived cells are important in regulating the availability of growth factors in the developing pharynx. In the absence of neural crest cells, FGFs are overabundant and interfere with various developmental processes. One of the places where overabundant FGF causes abnormal development is in the induction and differentiation of myocardium from a newly identified secondary heart field. The other major interest of the Kirby lab is in head development. The lab in collaboration with the Schoenwolf lab in Utah, has recently identified a ventral head organizer that appears to coordinate development of the forebrain, face and pharynx. The molecular identity and mode of function of this organizer is under investigation.

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