ZFIN ID: ZDB-PERS-000913-3
Kamermans, Maarten
Email: m.kamermans@ioi.knaw.nl
URL: http://www.nin.knaw.nl/research_groups/kamermans_group/
Affiliation: Kamermans Lab
Address: Retinal Signal Processing Group The Netherlands Ophthalmic Research Institute Meibergdreef 47 Amsterdam, 1105 BA Netherlands
Phone: 31-20-566-5180 or 31-20-566-6101
Fax: 31-20-566-6121

My current research involves the signal processing in the retina of zebrafish and goldfish. The projects are focussed on the synaptic interaction between retinal neurons and the coding patterns of ganglion cells. One of the goals is to account for the behavior of the retinal network based on the cellular and sub-cellular properties of the retinal neurons. In this respect is the retina a unique preparation because it contains two types of synapses: synapses between spiking neurons and synapses working in a graded mode. The analogies and differences between these types of synapses, both on functional and molecular level are one of my main interests. The research in my group covers in three themes: 1) the mechanism of synaptic transmission of sustained responding neurons, 2) integration of neural signals in the retinal network, and 3) neuroplasicity of the retinal network.
In my group we use intracellular, extracellular and patch-clamp recording techniques in isolated retinae, retinal slices and dissociated cells as well as morphological, molecular, computational and behavioral techniques.

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