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Argenton Lab
PI/Director: Argenton, Francesco
Co-PI / Senior
Dalla Valle, Luisa
Moro, Enrico
Contact Person: Argenton, Francesco
Email: francesco.argenton@unipd.it
URL: http://www.bio.unipd.it/development/
Address: Dipartimento di Biologia Universita' di Padova Via U. Bassi 58/B I-35131 Padova ITALY
Country: Italy
Phone: 39-49-827-6229
Fax: 39-49-827-6300
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Cell fate decisions in pancreatic and neural development. Genetic reporters for cellular studies.

Zatti, Carlo MD/Veterinarian Benato, Francesca Post-Doc Domenichini, Alice Post-Doc
Facchinello, Nicola Post-Doc Schiavone, Marco Post-Doc Vettori, Andrea Post-Doc
Astone, Matteo Graduate Student Casari, Alessandro Graduate Student Skobo, Tatjana Graduate Student
Zancan, Ilaria Graduate Student Milanetto, Martina Fish Facility Staff Pivotti, Luigi Fish Facility Staff
Bortolussi, Marino

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