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Dirk Meyer Lab
PI/Director: Meyer, Dirk
Co-PI / Senior
Kimmel, Robin
Contact Person: Meyer, Dirk
Email: dirk.meyer@uibk.ac.at
URL: http://www.uibk.ac.at/molbiol/
Address: Institute of Molecular Biology Leopold-Franzens-University Innsbruck Technikerstr. 25 6020 Innsbruck Austria
Country: Austria
Phone: 0043-(0)512-507-51410
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Mesoderm formation and patterning, Pancreas development and regeneration.

Arkhipova, Valeriya Post-Doc Fischer, Patrick Post-Doc Wilfinger, Armin Post-Doc
Krautgasser, Claudia Graduate Student Lorincz, Réka Graduate Student Schmitner, Nicole Graduate Student
Tufegdzic, Dzenana Fish Facility Staff Töchterle, Sonja Technical Staff Baldemair, Caroline Administrative Staff

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