ZFIN ID: ZDB-LAB-970820-1
Weinstein Lab
PI/Director: Weinstein, Brant M.
Contact Person: Weinstein, Brant M.
Email: flyingfish@nih.gov
URL: https://www.nichd.nih.gov/about/org/dir/affinity-groups/AMHD/weinstein
Address: Associate Scientific Director Division of Developmental Biology National Institute of Child Health and Human Development National Institutes of Health Building 6B, Room 413 6 Center Drive Bethesda, MD 20892 USA
Country: United States
Phone: (301) 435-5760
Fax: (301) 435-6001
Line Designation: y

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The Weinstein laboratory is one of the leading research groups studying vascular development in the zebrafish.

Weinstein lab members developed many of the most commonly used tools and methods for studying vessels in the fish, including a confocal microangiography method, an atlas of the anatomy of the developing zebrafish vasculature, numerous vascular-specific transgenic lines, and methods for high resolution in vivo imaging of zebrafish blood vessels.

The laboratory has also made many important discoveries in the areas of vascular specification, differentiation, and patterning, including a novel pathway specifying arterial identity, a role for neuronal guidance factors in vascular patterning, a mechanism for vascular tube formation in vivo, and identification and characterization of a lymphatic vascular system in the zebrafish.

Greenspan, Leah Post-Doc Marvel, Miranda Post-Doc Park, Jong Post-Doc
Taimatsu, Kiyohito Post-Doc Venero Galanternik, Marina Post-Doc Castranova, Dan Research Staff
Kenton, Madeleine Research Staff Pham, Van Technical Staff Ameyaw, Keith
Kim, Yehyun Martinez-Aceves, Celia Prevedel, John

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