ZFIN ID: ZDB-LAB-201109-1
Boije Lab
PI/Director: Boije, Henrik
Contact Person: Boije, Henrik
Email: henrik.boije@neuro.uu.se
URL: http://neuro.uu.se/research/research-groups/henrik-boije/
Address: Dept. of Neuroscience (BMC Box 593) 751 24 Uppsala Visit/ delivery package address: Husargatan 3, 752 39 Uppsala
Country: Sweden
Phone: 0046184714193
Line Designation: uu

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Habicher, Judith Post-Doc Iglesias Gonzalez, Ana Belen Graduate Student Koning, Harmen Graduate Student
Manuel, Remy Graduate Student Velica, Anna Graduate Student Ahemaiti, Aikeremu Research Staff
Ambroz, Katharina Research Staff

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