Figures for Kwon et al., 2020

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Fig. 2

Zebrafish gpr182 mutant embryos exhibit wild-type-like vascular development. (A) Partial DNA sequence of the gpr182–/– allele (bns289) generated for this study. Red arrow points to the mutated region. (B) Schematic representation of wild-type and mutant Gpr182. Green boxes indicate the transmembrane domains (TM). Red hexagon indicates C-terminus. (C) High-resolution melt analysis (HRMA) of gpr182+/+gpr182+/−, and gpr182–/– DNA. (D) Representative brightfield images of 72 hpf wild-type and gpr182–/–larvae. (E) Confocal images of 72 hpf Tg(kdrl:Hsa.HRASmCherry) wild-type and gpr182–/–larvae. (F) Microangiography of 72 hpf Tg(kdrl:Hsa.HRASmCherry) wild-type and gpr182–/–larvae injected intravascularly with 2000 kDa FITC-dextran; lateral views. Scale bars, 200 μm (D, F), 50 μm (F). Anterior to the left, dorsal to the top.

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