Figures for Cumplido et al., 2020

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Fig. 2

Adult morphology of the zebrafish caudal fin skeleton. A. A 22 mm SL zebrafish, showing the differences between the preural and ural region. B. Diagram of the terminal compound centrum of a 31.92 mm SL zebrafish illustrating its preural-ural boundary. C-H. series of cleared and stained zebrafish showing the main changes of the compound terminal vertebra. Terminology: CC, compound centrum; cU3–4, ural chordacentra 3 and 4; E, epural; H1–5, hypurals 1 to 5; haPU1, haemal arch of the preural centrum 1; hy, hypurapophysis; naCC, neural arch of the compound centrum; PH, parhypural; PL, pleurostyle; PU2, preural centrum 2; Un, uroneural

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