Figures for Williams et al., 2020

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Figure 2—figure supplement 1. PCP signaling in Nodal-deficient embryos.

(A) Expression of PCP signaling genes in WT and MZoep–/– gastrulae at 90% epiboly stage (~9 hpf) as measured by RNA-seq from three biological replicates with 50 pooled embryos each. Bars are mean with SD. ****padj = 4.02−6. (B) Representative images of WISH for the transcripts indicated in WT (top) and MZoep–/ (bottom) gastrulae at 9.5 hpf. Fractions indicate the number of embryos with the pictured phenotype over the number of embryos examined. (C) Representative images of live WT embryos uninjected (left) or injected with 2 ng MO4-vangl2 (right) at 24 hpf. (D) Expression of dlx3b in WT and MZoep–/– gastrulae as measured by RNA-seq. p=0.017, Welch’s T-test, padj = 0.16. Anterior is up in (B), to the left in (C). Scale bars are 200 μm.

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