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Figures for Wierson et al., 2020

Figure Caption/Comments:

Figure 4 (a, a’) Tg(noto-2A-TagRFP) embryo at mid somite stage showing expression in the notochord and floor plate. (b, b’) Tg(tyr-2A-Gal4/VP16); Tg(UAS:mRFP)tpl25 dpf larva displaying expression in the melanocytes. (c, c’) Tg(esama-2A-Gal4/VP16); Tg(UAS:mRFP)tpl24 dpf larva showing expression in the vascular system. (d, d’) Tg(flna-2A-Gal4/VP16); Tg(UAS:mRFP)tpl21 dpf embryo showing widespread expression. (e, e’ and f, f’) Exon 2 and exon 6 msna targeted Tg(msna-2A-Gal4/VP16); Tg(UAS:mRFP)tpl2 2dpf embryos showed expression in the central nervous system and vasculature. (g, g’ and h, h’) Tg(aqp1a1-2A-Gal4/VP16; Tg(UAS:mRFP)tpl2) and Tg(aqp8a1-2A-Gal4/VP16); Tg(UAS:mRFP)tpl22 dpf embryos display RFP expression in the trunk and tail vasculature. Scale bars, 100 μm.

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