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Figures for Wierson et al., 2020

Figure Caption/Comments:

Figure 3—figure supplement 2. Comparison of targeted integration efficiency at <italic>esama</italic> using short vs long homology arms and GeneWeld vs. in vitro linearized donor template.

Comparison of the frequency of RFP expressing injected embryos after targeting esama exon two using GeneWeld 24/24 bp homology arms, Geneweld 1 kb/1 kb homology arms, Circular HR 1 kb/1 kb homology arms (injection did not include UgRNA), and Linear HR 1 kb/1 kb homology arms (donor was digested and the linear DNA fragment containing the homology arm targeting construct was gel purified before injection). Increasing the length of the homology arm to 1 kb significantly increased the frequency of RFP expressing embryos using GeneWeld (p=0.0001), Circular, or Linear template. Data represents mean +/- s.e.m. of 3 independent targeting experiments. p value calculated using Students t test.

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