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Figures for Yang et al., 2018

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Fig. 4-S1

Neural crest cells are essential for the establishment of islet parasympathetic innervation.

(A) Immunostaining analysis of innervation density in wild-type and sox10 mutants at 80 hpf. (B) Wild-type and sox10-/- zebrafish at 80 hpf. (C) Body length measurements at 80 hpf, mean ± SEM, n = 26–27 animals, p-values from t tests are presented. (D) Whole larva free glucose level measurements at 80 hpf, mean ± SEM, n = 21–22 batches of five larvae per replicate. (E–F) Whole mount immunostaining at 80 hpf for acetylated Tubulin (nerves), Insulin (beta cells), Somatostatin (delta cells), and DAPI (DNA) of wild-type and sox10 mutants. sox10 mutants display a severe decline in enteric nervous density and a complete loss of pancreatic innervation, n = 8 animals.

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