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Figures for Yang et al., 2018

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Fig. 4

Pancreatic islet parasympathetic innervation is derived from the neural crest.

(A) Lineage tracing of neural crest cells in Tg(sox10:CreERT2, myl7:GFP); Tg(ubb:loxP-CFP-loxP-nuc-mCherry) zebrafish following 5 µM tamoxifen treatment from 16 to 24 hpf and staining at 90 and 120 hpf. (B) Whole mount immunostaining at 90 hpf for GFP (elavl3-positive cells), mCherry (neural-crest-derived cells), Somatostatin (delta cells), Insulin (beta cells), and Glucagon (alpha cells). (C–E) Whole mount immunostaining at 90 (C, D) and 120 (E) hpf for acetylated Tubulin (nerves), Insulin (beta cells), mCherry (neural-crest-derived cells), and DAPI (DNA). Yellow arrows point to neural-crest-derived cells on the periphery of the pancreatic islet; blue arrowheads point to neural-crest-derived cells projecting neural extensions toward the pancreatic islet, and some of these cells are adjacent to the vagus nerve (V).

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