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Figures for Davis et al., 2018

Figure Caption/Comments:

Fig. S1

etv2 and prox1a are co-expressed in lymphatic progenitors in the posterior cardinal vein, parachordal lymphangioblasts, and the thoracic duct.

Confocal imaging analysis of live embryos and larvae. TgBAC(etv2:GFP) and prox1a:RFP are co-expressed in lymphatic progenitors (arrow/dashed lines) in the PCV at 24 hpf (A-D, projection of 3 axial positions) and the thoracic duct and intersegmental lymphatic vessels at 4.5 dpf (E-H). (B-D and F-H) show magnified regions indicated by boxes in (A,E). Embryos and larvae have been analyzed from 2 independent experiments. DA, dorsal aorta; PCV, posterior cardinal vein; TD, thoracic duct; ISLV, intersegmental lymphatic vessel.

Figure Data:
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