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Figures for Davis et al., 2018

Figure Caption/Comments:

Fig. 7

Heatshock inducible overexpression of Etv2 induces ectopic flt4 and lyve1b expression. (A,B) Embryos injected with hsp70:Etv2-mCherry overexpression construct show ectopic induction of flt4 (B) in the somites (arrows) following the heat-shock compared to uninjected controls (A). (C,D) Ectopic expression of lyve1b over the yolk is apparent in a subset of embryos that overexpress hsp70:Etv2-mCherry (arrows, D). (E-H) No ectopic induction of fli1a (E,F) or prox1a (G,H) was apparent in the embryos that overexpress hsp70:Etv2-mCherry. All embryos are at 28–30 hpf.

Figure Data:
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