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Figures for Berger et al., 2017


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Fig. 3

sept8a expression in the CNS of 2 dpf zebrafish.

Images of transverse epon sections of 2 dpf zebrafish stained for sept8amRNA and counterstained with Hoechst33258 (B – H). Section levels and angle are displayed in the schematic drawing (A). sept8a expression was weakly detectable in cells in the entire brain (B – H), as well as in the retina (C – E) and the lens (C, D). Strong sept8a expression was observed in two large nuclei (arrowheads) close to the SR (G). See list for abbreviations. Brain schemes were modified from Müller and Wullimann (2016). Scale bars: B – H: 100μm Insets: 25μm.

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