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Fig. 3

Fig. 3. Examples of staining combinations of IHC and FISH protocols. (A) The combination of dazl mRNA FISH with IHC of various proteins. (top) A snapshot form a 3D movie showing dazl in the nuclear cleft in two pachytene-early diplotene oocytes, as detected with the Lamin B1 protein. In the left image the dazl channel is omitted exposing the nuclear cleft (green arrows). Bottom left, dazl localization in the nuclear cleft as detected with mAb414 in 30–35 µm oocytes. Scale bar=10 µm. Bottom right, colocalization of dazl and the GasZ protein in the Bb (white arrowheads) of oocytes in whole ovary. Scale bar=50 µm. (B) The combination of DNA FISH with IHC of various proteins. Left, DNA FISH detecting telomeres by a probe for telomere repeats sequences (Telo-FISH) combined with IF for LaminB1 in a group of diplotene 30–40 µm oocytes. Note telomere detection at presumptive chromosomal edges, which at this stage should be still connected by chiasmata. Partial projection is shown. Scale bar=10 µm. Right, the distribution of mAb414 positive perinuclear granules in two oogonia where telomeres are found intranuclearly. Scale bar=5  μm. Panels A(left) and A(right) are modified from Elkouby et al. (2016).

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