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ZFIN ID: ZDB-IMAGE-180103-51
Figures for Iribarne et al., 2017

Figure Caption/Comments:

Fig. S5

Labeling of wild-type, gosh, and els mutant retinas with anti-cGMP antibody

Cryo-sectioned heads of 4-dpf wild-type, gosh, and els mutant embryos are labeled with antiformaldehyde- fixed cGMP antibody (green) and zpr1 antibody (magenta). As in 7-dpf samples (Fig. 5a), wild-type, gosh, and els mutant retinas show undetectable levels of cGMP, although a few photoreceptors with high levels of cGMP were occasionally observed in the CMZ of gosh and els mutant retinas (arrows in gosh mutant panel). High levels of cGMP were observed in pineal photoreceptors in both mutants (arrow in els mutant panel).

Figure Data:
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