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ZFIN ID: ZDB-IMAGE-180103-50
Figures for Iribarne et al., 2017

Figure Caption/Comments:

Fig. S3

Expression of aipl1 mRNA during embryonic development

(a) Whole-mount in situ hybridization of wild-type embryos from the 8-cell stage to 72 hpf using aipl1b and aipl1a RNA probes. (b) (Left panel) In situ hybridization of cryo-sectioned wild-type adult retina with UV opsin RNA probe (red). UV opsin is expressed in short single cones, which are regularly located just above the nuclear layer of rod photoreceptors. (Right panels) Wild-type adult retinas were co-labeled with the UV opsin RNA probe (red), and the aipl1a or aipl1b probe (blue). aipl1a andaipl1bmRNAs are expressed in rods and cones, respectively. Only short single cones are positive for both aipl1a and aipl1b probes (red arrowhead). Abbreviation: ss, single short cone; ls, long single cone; d, double cone.

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