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Figures for Hu et al., 2016

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Fig. S2

Liver development in the maternal-zygotic leg1azju1 mutant is amenable to oxidative stress.

(A) Images showing an example of determining the liver size by WISH using the fabp10a probe. WT: wild type; mu: leg1azju1 mutant; mu+UV25: leg1azju1 mutant treated with UV25. (B) WT and maternal-zygotic leg1azju1(mu) embryos were treated with 1 mJ/cm2 (UV10), 2.5 mJ/cm2(UV25) and 5 mJ/cm2 (UV50) UV at 24 hpf and grew to 3.5 dpf for WISH analysis of liver development. (C) Comparison of liver sizes between the WT and maternal-zygotic leg1azju1 (mu) embryos growing in a high density condition (200 embryos per 10-cm diameter Petri dish). (D) Growing the maternal-zygotic leg1azju1 (mu) embryos in the egg water containing 0.5% or 1% ethanol did not cause a small liver phenotype. (E) Upon UV25 treatment the maternal-zygotic leg1azju2 embryos also exhibited a small liver phenotype at 3.5 dpf. *, p<0.05, **, p<0.01, ***, p<0.001, N.S., no significance.

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