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Figures for Hu et al., 2016

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Fig. S5

Leg1a protects liver development under stress conditions through Erk signaling.

(A) Injection of constitutively active form of Erk (caErk) mRNA into one-cell stage embryos impaired liver development both in WT and leg1azju1 mutant when examined with the fabp10a probe at 3.5 dpf. (B) 200 pg Cy3 labeled oligo-dT(50) was injected into the yolk at 22 hpf, and the Cy3 signal was checked at 27 hpf. CK, oligo-dT(50) uninjected control. (C) Embryos were injected with caErk or fgf8 mRNA into the yolk at 22 hpf and were then treated with UV25 at 24 hpf. The liver development in the treated embryos at 3.5 dpf was examined with the fabp10a probe at 3.5 dpf.

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