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Figures for Xiao et al., 2016

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Fig. S16

Knockdown of CDK inhibitors in wild-type hearts had minimal effects on myocardial proliferation. BrdU+/Mef2C+ proliferating cardiomyocytes (white arrowheads) were comparable among negative control (NC) siRNA (a), cdkn1a siRNA (b), cdkn1a 2# siRNA (c), cdkn1c siRNA (d), or cdkn1c 2# siRNA-treated (e) wild-type hearts at 14 dpa, consistent with low-level of cdkn1a and cdkn1c in wild-type injured hearts. (f) Statistics of panels a-e. The number (n) of hearts analyzed in each group is indicated in each group. Scale bar, 100μm.

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