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Figures for Xiao et al., 2016

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Fig. S4

Inhibition of brg1 impairs cardiac regeneration. (a-d) Three wild-type (wt) sibling hearts (a-b) and 3 dn-xBrg1 transgenic (tg) hearts (c-d) at 30 dpa with heat shock treatment from 5dpa to 30dpa were subjected to serial sections, and half of sections were then used for AFOG staining (a, c) and half for MF20 immunofluorescence staining (b, d). Higher-magnification images of areas in squares were shown in the right side of panels a and c. Note cardiac fibrosis (black arrowheads) and compromised myocardial regeneration (dashed lines) in tg hearts (c, d) compared with perfect heart regeneration in wt sibling hearts (a, b). Scale bars, 100 μm. (e) Quantification of defective hearts; the number of well-regenerated hearts (white) or defective hearts (black) in each group was indicated in each bar (n=13 for sibling and n=14 for dn-xBrg1 transgenic total hearts). (f) Heat-induced lethality of wt siblings (n=18) and tg zebrafish (n=25) after heat shock at 14 dpa and 30 dpa.

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